Professional Interventionist


My name is Steve Bruno. I have been a professional interventionist for nearly 20 years.

Prior to delving into the strange and chaotic world of interventions, I lived in the strange and chaotic world of addiction. My experiences with drugs and attempts at rehabilitation led me to a roller coaster of stellar successes and cliffhanging failures.

After going through a program that worked, I did my first intervention. I realized that the destructive life I had been living had given me a unique insight into the struggles of the families who hired me. During those “wasted” years as an addict, I had developed a skill set that enabled me to see into the chaos of addiction and identify the mechanisms in the lives of addicts. I know them so intimately myself, that I can overcome them.

I have written a book about my work, my viewpoints on addiction and how to help people who are fighting the people who are trying to help them. You can find More Than Hope, a complete guide to interventions at

I address the subject of interventions in an effort to demystify them for my readers, and provide as much insight as possible as to how interventions are done, which strategies are most effective and which strategies create disasters. Most of all, I love help addicts by helping their families help them.

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Steve Bruno