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A professional interventionist is someone who understands addiction, alcoholism and treatment programs, ideally from personal experience. He will have conducted hundreds of interventions successfully.  Most of all, he puts his heart and soul into every intervention he does and places the successful delivery of the addict to the treatment program above all else.

“Someone did this for me years ago. Now I do it for others.”

Meet Steve Bruno

Mr. Bruno, a professional interventionist, has worked in the field of drug addiction for twenty years and has orchestrated over 400 interventions all across the world.

He is the author of More Than Hope, Intervention Guidebook, available on Amazon and Kindle.

He has appeared on radio shows such as Insights with David Goldberg, Dare to Be Authentic with Mari Mitchell, and The World’s Most Amazing People with KC Armstrong. Mr. Bruno is also a member in good standing with The Association of Intervention Specialists.

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When it’s time to do an intervention and how to plan it

An intervention is a proven technique to use when your loved one needs help in accepting that they need to get help with their drug or alcohol addiction. An intervention is a safe place for the addicts loved ones to show how the actions of the abuser are affecting the ones they love. The intervention helps the user to realize it is time to seek professional help.

Addicts typically don’t recognize that they need professional help with their drug or alcohol abuse, they are usually in denial of their own addiction. When the addict is in denial of their own drug or alcohol abuse it makes it harder for friends and family especially when they have been hurt by their loved one and their substance abuse. A professional interventionist is vital to helping not only your loved one with their substance abuse but helping you deal with the emotional toll of confronting your loved one over their drug or alcohol abuse.

Why hire an interventionist?

A professional interventionist takes the guess work out of how to proceed and have a successful intervention. Untrained people tend to make mistakes that can set you back in your efforts to help your loved one deal with and overcome their substance abuse problem.

A professional interventionists role

The role of a professional interventionist for substance abuse  is to be a moderator and troubleshoot. Not all interventions are the same and there will be different obstacles that arise. The professional interventionist will spot the issues and provide a solution based of their experience and training.

As an interventionist I outline steps for an intervention. I will plan meetings with you the family members and friends of the substance abuser. We will discuss the strategy, how to react, what to say and do, and guide you on intervention letters. This is a very important step in the intervention process, we need to make sure everyone knows exactly what to do to have a successful intervention.

During the intervention as your professional interventionist I will keep the Intervention on track and moving towards the end goal of helping your loved one. Interventions can be very emotional as your interventionist I will guide you in keeping your emotions in check and keep the overall experience as calm and helpful in a professional manner.

While you and your friends and family speak to your loved one explaining how their actions affect you, they might feel backed in a corner and blamed. It is important to tow the line of finger pointing and giving facts. As your interventionist I will help avoid crossing the line of facts and blame. This will help avoid the substance abuser from getting defensive, trying to leave, or making up excuses.

Sometimes as loved ones wanting to protect the addict a problem can arise causing you to want to give up in the middle of the process. This is further enabling the addict. As your interventionist I will help you process these feelings in a professional manner and guide you and the substance abuser to a peaceful and successful intervention.

One of the roles of the interventionist is to moderate the conversation, keep things positive, and avoid confrontational situations. If need be as the interventionist I will keep the conversation on track and help you reach your goal of helping your substance abuser get the treatment they need.

How to have an intervention

The goal of a family intervention is to get the substance abuser into a treatment program. This is something an interventionist can help you do. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) says interventions are successful over 90% of the time when a professional interventionist is used.

When the intervention is complete you should be ready for the next step. The next step is getting the substance abuser in a program, detoxing, and attending group meetings for ongoing support. As your interventionist we will devise a realistic plan in working towards your end goal. We will discuss the options that will work best for the substance abuser and their loved ones.

The substance abuser needs to play a role in taking the steps needed to get themselves the help they need. As your interventionist I will guide you on how to work towards this goal and make sure you know what is your responsibility as the loved one and what the responsibility is of the substance abuser.

As your professional interventionist I will help the substance abuse in taking their next steps, sometimes it can be very difficult for the substance abuser to follow through.

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Hire a professional interventionist

Getting your loved one into a good treatment program is not an easy task. You obviously want the intervention to go as smoothly as possible or you wouldn’t be here.

I have been successfully getting addicts to arrive at their families program of choice for nearly twenty years.

Let me do the same for yours.

More Than Hope

How to do an intervention

In this groundbreaking work, Mr. Bruno shares personal and professional insight into how addiction and interventions work.

The book begins with the author’s own story of addiction and intervention, followed by a chapter written by his own mother, describing his intervention from her viewpoint

The book includes “what to do and how to do it,” plus a number of case studies taken from the author’s two decades experience in the field.

That said, no book can turn a mother, father, sibling or child into an interventionist. If you need professional help, get it before you play a game you have no experience with. The best scenario – if you know you need help – is to hire an professional interventionist and let him play the cards from beginning to end, otherwise you may create an even larger chaos than the one you already face.

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Professional Interventionist Services


As a professional interventionist I customize every intervention to meet the needs of the family that hires me, but most of all, in terms of what I believe will work in order to motivate the addict or alcoholic to successfully arrive at the program. These are IN-PERSON interventions. I also offer REMOTE interventions in specific cases due to COVID-19.
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Program Referrals

I can refer you to programs I have seen excellent results from. I do interventions for traditional and non-traditional programs. Not every program will work for every person. The decision as to which program your loved one should attend is up to his family. If you change your mind mid way, I need to be on board with the change in order to continue with the intervention.


I deliver addicts and alcoholics to the treatment program myself. If it involves a long “road trip,” there may be an extra charge depending on the distance.

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An intervention is any action or actions which result in an addict arriving at a well-chosen program. I include, “well-chosen,” because, without a program that has a good chance of success in place, an intervention is of little or no value. Read more

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One simple way to gauge whether or not you need to hire a professional is to ask yourself one question; what do you believe your chances are of succeeding on your own? If you’re honest with yourself and you find yourself fumbling with numbers like 20 to 50%, hiring a professional interventionist can factually raise your chances to about 90%. Read more

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The real solution is to get the person back to being his true self again, unburdened from his past transgressions and able to make decisions based on conscience with the potential to live a purposeful life. The fact that you are reading this shows that you believe it can be done. And you’re right, it can. Read more

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Dear Steve, I can’t seem to find the right words to express how grateful we are for the intervention with our son.   I thought intervention was a third party who helped communication between the addict and the family.  I did not realize the scope of your job… read more

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