Professional Interventionist
Professional interventionist

Interventions: I customize all intervention services to meet the needs of the family that hires me, but most of all, in terms of what I believe will work in order to motivate the addict or alcoholic to successfully arrive at the program. These are IN-PERSON interventions.

I require the program the family chooses to have a good chance of success and to be a god fit for the addict or alcoholic before I will agree to help get him there.

Interventions take – within reason – as long as they take. Depending on blowback – the resistance we encounter and the form it takes – the timetable can be longer or shorter. Typical interventions take between two and four days. Rarely they take one and occasionally they can take upwards of a week. My fee is the same either way. so as long as expenses are handled, our collective goal remains the same.

I handle “impossible” situations all the time. For me, the condition I am hired to address is predictable and quantifiable. Its mechanics are observable and not particularly unique, although I understand you may see things differently. Ironically, I do not use a formulaic approach. I do whatever I think will work. I  accommodate everyone’s needs and considerations as much as I am able to without jeopardizing our success.

In terms of the addicts I am hired to help, I take into account all aspects of his or her current scene, personality, past, hopes and dreams, losses and goals. Tickets to treatment don’t sell by beating someone up. Addicts do that to themselves already in spades. The sale is made by being compassionate, understanding, patient and non confrontational. The goal is reached by keeping that goal simple enough to be reached.

My motivation wakes me up in the morning and keeps me up at night. I over think things and over prepare myself and others. I am known for it. It frustrates some but at the end of the day the only thing I find worth doing is delivering someone somewhere I know they’ll have a chance to get their life back. If they end up helping others as a result, it’s a double blessing.

Intervention Services

Program Referrals

Not every drug or alcohol program will work for every person. I can refer you to programs I have seen excellent results from. I do interventions for both traditional and non-traditional programs. The decision as to which program your loved one should attend is up to your family, NOT the person you are trying to help (fill out the Contact Me form for more data on why).

Intervention Seminars

I offer free seminars on Intervention Basics to church groups, schools, parent groups, Rotary Clubs, Chambers of Commerce and so on. I offer intimate seminars for program professionals on working with interventionists in the field. Please contact me for more details or to make a request. As long as expenses are covered, I can come to you.


I deliver addicts and alcoholics to the treatment program myself. If it involves a long “road trip,” there may be an extra charge depending on the distance.


Intervention expenses are travel, i.e., airfare, car rental if needed, hotel, a small per diem and any cost directly associated with the intervention.


I am based in Marin County, California but I travel anywhere in the world. Special rates are available for Canada, Europe and South America.

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Intervention Services

Intervention Services that WORK!  It’s time to talk to a professional interventionist and begin the healing process for your family.

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