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Interventions and Addiction 101

Most of the time, specially when working with an experienced, professional interventionist, transporting the addict or alcoholic after doing a family intervention can be accomplished without incident. There are however, those good-sized handful of times when this is not the case and – it should be planned for – to have problems during transport. The best form of planning is to expect it. By expecting it to happen, when it does happen you won’t be in such a state of shock. This is helpful. Beyond that, watch this short video on how problems can be avoided and handled if they do occur. And even beyond that, there is a link to my book below which goes into it in more detail, and if that isn’t enough, you can click the link to my website, fill out the contact form and ask your questions there or in the Comments section below.

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PROFESSIONALS: This channel is designed as a teaching tool without the intent of usurping interventions from other professionals who wish to use it as a resource. You may refer your clients here, then notify me at Professional Intervention Services via the Contact Me Form and any consultations with the family will be referred back to you.

MISSION STATEMENT: The Intervention Channel exists because each intervention demands its own, unique solution, and because much of the information on intervention theory is either marginally effective or outright counterproductive. These videos will help anyone who is trying to help an addict who says he does not want help by not only illuminating the dark alleys and sharp corners of addiction and alcoholism, but by taking on the viewpoint of a highly experienced addict, alcoholic and professional interventionist all rolled into one.

If you have a 70 to 80% chance of getting your addicted loved one to treatment, these videos can help you reach your goal, but if you rate your chances at less than that – especially if you feel your chances are far less – please, speak to me or another professional interventionist before venturing into territory that is far better left to those who know the neighborhood! Taking risks with the life of your loved one can be vastly more costly than trying to save a few dollars.

DISCLAIMER: By clicking on or subscribing to the videos on this channel you acknowledge that they are not intended as medical or legal advice, and any action you take is your own decision and responsibility. The Intervention Channel does not endorse or promote any third party. The Intervention Channel is not monetized. If ads appear, they are not related to The Intervention Channel directly. The free consultation I offer is to determine if you need a professional interventionist. I can offer you a perspective in terms of potential strategy in general terms, but I only delve into the specifics of a particular case if I am on retainer since the specifics of each case change day to day.

PROGRAM PHILOSOPHIES: I do not endorse or disparage any program. This channel is for the education of professionals and family members in terms of intervention tactics and strategy and can fit with ANY program philosophy. ANYONE PROMOTING OR DISPARAGING PROGRAMS WILL BE BLOCKED. UNSOLICITED, EXTERNAL LINKS TO PROGRAMS WILL BE DELETED. If you’d like to be interviewed, which would include a “soft” plug for your program – please contact me directly to inquire.

A COMMENT ON COMMENTS: This channel is here to help families and professionals find effective intervention strategies, tactics, ideas and solutions for their drug-addicted or alcoholic loved ones or clients. Spirited debate is welcome but verbal abuse is NOT. Those who engage in it will be permanently blocked. It is important that the comments area remain a safe place for anyone and everyone to communicate and ask questions about intervention strategy without fear of being messed with.

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