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A professional interventionist works towards helping the substance abuser accept help and towards helping the family heal regardless of the outcome of the substance abusers decision. Family interventions can be very complex the interventionist helps the family understand where they are at in the process and why. An interventionist will not take the role of a therapist for the family, bringing out family secrets, or act as a motivational speaker. Instead the interventionist help the family understand the behaviors and actions of the substance abuser as well has guide the family on the road to recovery.

Steps of a family intervention:

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Step 1: The Family Intervention Consultation

It all starts with you, the family member reaching out to find out how to help your loved one that is abusing drugs or alcohol. Interventionist Steve Bruno will discuss the entire family dynamics in regards to who will be part of the intervention from the family and their roles in the intervention. Once the roles of each family member that will be participating in the intervention is decided Steve will then explain the process of the intervention moving forward.

Step 2: Preparing for the Intervention

As explained in the video above “The Timeline Involved in Doing a Family Intervention,” there is no set timeframe for an intervention to take place. Some will take a few days, some several days, and some might happen as quickly as a day. Steve will discuss treatment programs and recommendations based off your families needs. You will be guided in the method of writing intervention letters to your loved one suffering from substance abuse.

Step 3: Interventionist and Family Meeting

Before the intervention you will have a family meeting with interventionist Steve Bruno to discuss the process. Steve will help your family understand addiction and what the substance abuser is experiencing. He will explain the effects of addiction and how it molds not only the abuser but your behaviors as a family member too. Learning the effects on your behavior will help guide you through the intervention process and give you confidence in the overall process and your role.

Watch Making the offer to help

Step 4: The Intervention 

This is what you have been preparing for, the intervention with the substance abuser. At this point your family should have your letters ready, your boundaries set, and your solid commitment to follow through regardless of the direction the substance abuser decides to take. Steve will take control and act as a facilitator to the intervention process. The intervention itself as stated before could take a day, three days, or more. Steve will asses the momentum of the intervention and work towards the substance abuser accepting help. On the occasion that the substance abuser pushes back the intervention team will regroup and discuss the next steps.

Step 5: Pushback, Acceptance, or Maybe 

There are three outcomes that a family intervention will face. After the offer of help is extended the substance has three options no, yes, or I have to think about it. If the answer is yes then Steve escorts the substance abuser to the treatment program of collective choice. Steve will go over with your family for the no and I need to think about it outcomes in depth and how to handle it.

Family interventions are complicated therefore hiring a professional interventionist to take control of your intervention team is imperative. An interventionist can be the difference of the substance abuser and the family healing or the family dynamics being further destroyed.

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Intervention Resources

Intervention FAQ

An intervention is any action or actions which result in an addict arriving at a well-chosen program. I include, “well-chosen,” because, without a program that has a good chance of success in place, an intervention is of little or no value. Read more

Category: Interventions

One simple way to gauge whether or not you need to hire a professional is to ask yourself one question; what do you believe your chances are of succeeding on your own? If you’re honest with yourself and you find yourself fumbling with numbers like 20 to 50%, hiring a professional interventionist can factually raise your chances to about 90%. Read more

Category: Interventions

The real solution is to get the person back to being his true self again, unburdened from his past transgressions and able to make decisions based on conscience with the potential to live a purposeful life. The fact that you are reading this shows that you believe it can be done. And you’re right, it can. Read more

Category: Interventions

Program Referrals

Not every drug or alcohol program will work for every person. I can refer you to programs I have seen excellent results from. I do interventions for both traditional and non-traditional programs. The decision as to which program your loved one should attend is up to your family, NOT the person you are trying to help (fill out the Contact Me form for more data on why).

Intervention Seminars

I offer free seminars on Intervention Basics to church groups, schools, parent groups, Rotary Clubs, Chambers of Commerce and so on. I offer intimate seminars for program professionals on working with interventionists in the field. Please contact me for more details or to make a request. As long as expenses are covered, I can come to you.


I deliver addicts and alcoholics to the treatment program myself. If it involves a long “road trip,” there may be an extra charge depending on the distance.


Intervention expenses are any costs directly associated with the intervention, i.e., airfare, car rental if needed, hotel or Air BnB.


I am based in Marin County, California but I travel anywhere in the world. Special rates are available for Canada, Europe and South America.

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