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What is a Professional Interventionist?

An interventionist is someone who understands addiction, alcoholism and treatment programs, ideally from personal experience. He will have conducted hundreds of interventions successfully.  Most of all, he puts his heart and soul into every intervention he does and places the successful delivery of the addict to the treatment program above all else.

“Someone did this for me years ago. Now I do it for others. On every intervention, it’s as if I’m saving myself as well.”

Meet Steve Bruno

Mr. Bruno, a professional interventionist, has worked in the field of drug addiction for twenty years and has orchestrated over 400 interventions all across the world, over 90% of them successful.

He is the author of More Than Hope, Intervention Guidebook, available on Amazon and Kindle.

He has appeared on radio shows such as Insights with David Goldberg, Dare to Be Authentic with Mari Mitchell, and The World’s Most Amazing People with KC Armstrong. Mr. Bruno is also a member in good standing with The Association of Intervention Specialists.

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Thinking of hiring a professional interventionist?

Getting your loved one into a good treatment program is not an easy task. You obviously want the intervention to go as smoothly as possible or you wouldn’t be here.

I have been successfully getting addicts to arrive at their families program of choice for nearly twenty years.

Let me do the same for yours.

professional interventionist

More Than Hope

How to do an intervention

In this groundbreaking work, Mr. Bruno shares personal and professional insight into how addiction and interventions work.

The book begins with the author’s own story of addiction and intervention, followed by a chapter written by his own mother, describing his intervention from her viewpoint

The book includes “what to do and how to do it,” plus a number of case studies taken from the author’s two decades experience in the field.

That said, no book can turn a mother, father, sibling or child into an interventionist. If you need professional help, get it before you play a game you have no experience with. The best scenario – if you know you need help – is to hire an professional interventionist and let him play the cards from beginning to end, otherwise you may create an even larger chaos than the one you already face.

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Professional Interventionist Services


As a professional interventionist I customize every intervention to meet the needs of the family that hires me, but most of all, in terms of what I believe will work in order to motivate the addict or alcoholic to successfully arrive at the program. These are IN-PERSON interventions. I also offer REMOTE interventions in specific cases due to COVID-19.
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Program Referrals

I can refer you to programs I have seen excellent results from. I do interventions for traditional and non-traditional programs. Not every program will work for every person. The decision as to which program your loved one should attend is up to his family. If you change your mind mid way, I need to be on board with the change in order to continue with the intervention.


I deliver addicts and alcoholics to the treatment program myself. If it involves a long “road trip,” there may be an extra charge depending on the distance.

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An intervention is any action or actions which result in an addict arriving at a well-chosen program. I include, “well-chosen,” because, without a program that has a good chance of success in place, an intervention is of little or no value. Read more

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One simple way to gauge whether or not you need to hire a professional is to ask yourself one question; what do you believe your chances are of succeeding on your own? If you’re honest with yourself and you find yourself fumbling with numbers like 20 to 50%, hiring a professional interventionist can factually raise your chances to about 90%. Read more

Category: Interventions

The real solution is to get the person back to being his true self again, unburdened from his past transgressions and able to make decisions based on conscience with the potential to live a purposeful life. The fact that you are reading this shows that you believe it can be done. And you’re right, it can. Read more

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Blog Posts

Interventions and Panic

The chaos in the life of the addict you’re trying to help has has left a wake of emotional and financial wreckage. The events that led you to decide to do an intervention have also left you in a state of panic. Now, you’re confronted with actually doing an intervention. What does that mean? Disaster?…

An Intervention Suicide Note
As a professional interventionist I've seen family members take these positions all the time and the damage it can do. "Just because we have no experience doing interventions doesn't mean we can't do one," (even though the family history strongly indicates it's a bad idea). “Maybe this time we can pull off an intervention ourselves and save money...
When Family Members Don’t Agree on What to Do – If Anything
I field calls from family members all the time who are at odds - not so much with the addict or alcoholic - but with members of their own family. Even as a professional interventionist with a long-standing track record of success, when it came to intervening on one of my own, I found myself...
From, “More Than Hope”

Brute, Emotional Force “He who angers you conquers you.” ~ Elizabeth Kenny   When I see an addict ripping into his mother in response to an offer of help, I see an addict trying to control the outcome of the argument using brute, emotional force. I see someone who doesn’t want to do something, improvising ways…

Denial – House of Mirrors or House of Cards?
Many believe that if an addict does not admit to having a problem, he does not know he has a problem. This is categorically false. We are taught to see this as denial in mainstream recovery theory, alack of self-awareness on the part of the addict. I can assure you, it is not. If it...
What if We Fail?
Families often ask me, “What if we fail?” I hear it all the time, a mother or father, husband or wife completely paralyzed in a sort of apathy about taking action because of all the potential failures running through their mind. "What if we fail?" "What if it doesn't work?" "What if he says 'No'?"...

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    Dear Steve, I can’t seem to find the right words to express how grateful we are for the intervention with our son.   I thought intervention was a third party who helped communication between the addict and the family.  I did not realize the scope of your job… read more

    Dear Steve, Where do I begin?  It all happened so quickly, thanks to you.  I truly believe in providence, and every door was opened and every step fell into place.  All in a little over a week, I placed a call to the treatment facility, who referred me to a “professional interventionist”… read more