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Interventions and Rehab During COVID-19

  • Posted by: Steve Bruno
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Interventions and Rehab During COVID-19

For me, as a professional interventionist, a family’s first question often is, “Is it safe to do an in-person intervention?” Health advisories about the risks of family gatherings – even coming out of one’s house – abound, much less warnings about traveling cross country. 

The short answer is yes. I am living, breathing, healthy proof of that fact. Last year, I did close to 20 interventions which required me to travel all over the United States. Not only are those addicts much safer in COVID-free drug treatment programs, but their families are safer as well. No longer do they have to wonder where their loved one has been last night, who he came into contact with, or what chemicals and poisons are compromising his immune system. 

It boils down to picking your battles. Would you rather run the risks associated with your drug-addicted or alcoholic loved one in contact with God-knows-who as well as self-isolating – as if addiction doesn’t cause enough of that already – ingesting drugs and chemicals that compromise, not only his immune system , but his ability to reason, or would you feel safer with him in a COVID free environment, drug and alcohol free and with 24-hour supervision and access to medical care?

The fact is, the way I travel by air: face mask plus a face shield, gloves plus hand sanitizer and spending about seven full minutes wiping down my seat, headrest, tray-table, seatbelt and window shade with 70% alcohol wipes, COVID-19 has little to no chance of reaching yours truly, probably a lesser chance than when I visit my local grocery store. 

As for the addicts I help, they are vastly safer in coronavirus-free environments, which most residential drug treatment programs have become, especially the ones with on-site staff housing.

Drug addiction and alcoholism and related deaths kill half a million people every year. The difference between coronavirus and drug addiction and alcoholism is you can DO something about drug addiction and alcoholism. You can take action that can be effective and long lasting. In fact, since there is no vaccine for drug addiction, there is only action, a well done intervention by an experienced interventionist and a good treatment program.

If you or someone you know needs an intervention but is concerned about orchestrating one during COVID, I can be contacted via my website at, or at (747) 220-2287. I have 20 years of experience and a success rate twice the national average. I travel worldwide and offer very reasonable rates. You CAN do something about it.

Author: Steve Bruno
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